Monday, October 8, 2007

McCain: America is a Christian Nation

McCain: Christian Nation!

I recently read an article where Sen. John McCain basically said that, “…this country was founded on Christian principles and that we should remain a Christian country.” This got me thinking…..

Gee, that’s funny, I seem to recall the founding fathers (and mothers!) coming to America to escape the religious rule and persecutions of the land that were prevalent at that time in Britain and elsewhere in the world. (Not that I was there, of course!) I also thought that our county was built not on the ways of the Christians but more on the ways of the old Greek teachings of democracy. Basic human rights are not the exclusive domain of the church!

More importantly, though, is that McCain is saying that we are a Christian nation and that we should stay a Christian nation. Now, I have nothing against Christians, having been raised in a Catholic house and all, but I do seem to recall a little thing called “separation of Church and State” somewhere…OH yea, in that neat little thing called the CONSTITUTION!

I believe one thing that what makes the states special is that (supposed) “Separation of Church and State.” It means that no one faith will be established as the law of the land. Nor as the faith of the people. We are free to choose our own. Furthermore, because of this, it’s the melting pot of faiths in the country that enables one to read about, learn about and discuss the various views of life. Maybe even to grow a little? To change for the better? I know that I did. Look at the counties around the world that are of one faith and the mess and havoc they have or have created. The words “freedom of religion” is not in their constitution…

Personally, I could care less what your “beliefs” are. It’s not my job to control your thoughts or to tell you what to believe in and I know that it’s definitely not the government’s job either.

Now I know that John McCain is a politician and that he’s not going to be elected President, so his comment should be taken with a grain of salt; however, his statement is actually a look into the thoughts of many hard core Christians who could influence the election (see GWB) and would change the constitution in a minute - thus, imperiling the basic fundamental rights of many citizens of different faiths – if they could. (Some hard core “robots” even believe that all “non-Christians” should be deported from the country.) I’m not aware of any other faith in this country that wants to change the constitution and make this a Muslim Country or a Jewish Country or an Atheist Country. How would the Christians like to have the shoe on the other foot? All faiths are equal in this country and no one faith should reside above another. We are a multi-faith country. Period!

Jews, Mormons, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Zoroastrians, Atheists and even Witches are all welcome in my house and will be embraced with open arms. I will offer them all a beer or a glass of wine. I will sit and listen patiently as they tell me their stories for they have all made contributions to the advancement of mankind through their diverse views and writings on humanity and the soul. We should all be thankfull for it. Like the various colors of the rainbow, it’s the various beliefs that make this world a great place.

We are all the same, yet we are all unique and special in our own way. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Follow your heart with confidence and you will find your way.

right or rong?


jim said...

McCain is a HARD CORE POLITICIAN, and as such, narrow minded.

The USA should be not just a melting pot for faiths of all kinds, but for people of all races and cultures, and it does PRETEND to be, but beneath that facade lurks the narrowest racist minded group of folks you can imagine. And money is thier cover, they hide behind economics.

While I agree with your post for the most part, I don't welcome these people into my home, not as these points of view. But as human beings, life as God made them to become, yes.

jon be me said...

I welcome honest/true people of different faiths. Not necessarily the narrow racist minded, who I very much disagree with. However, I think we can learn from everyone. There are many lessons to be learned from "good" people as well as the "bad" people.

Jim, how do you know that God didn't send them to you for a reason and yet, you sent them away? MMMmmm....

Thanks for the comment

Günter Hey said...

I mean, the the founding fathers (and mothers!) coming to America becourse they escape different sitationes. Hunger, political situationes, and may be religious rule and persecutions. Craving for a better live and and and.
It seems like a wonder, that this people found accord in view of the human rigths. If they had more diffrent religions, may by this importantly foundation of the constitution would now be different.

Religion have many advantages for belivers. And may be, e live with religion, as a beliver is a interesting worthwile and estimable thing.
But for us free-minder, who breathed the waft of cool mountain air, this side of the humans spirit seems as a dangerous stuffily labyrinth.
I see a difference betwen some cleverly and many stupid religious belivers.
Both can be dangerously.
The first, because they know, how ease it is to lead, the second, because they onle need to follow. Both justify her acting with a higher instance.
One religion´s advantage is that they overlapping bondaries.
In some religions, a central element is the blame.
May be, one kind of the religion in the nearly future tell us, we are guiltily, becuse the earth is getting warmer.
But one thing is certain.
Many of us will pay but some of us will take advantage, wether we belive or do not belive.

jon be me said...

You are so correct Gunter!
I look forward to more of your comments....and your visits!!

Dehlia said...

I agree totally. This is a country which was created to allow freedom of faith for one thing. No one should be able to dictate to another what to believe in. Besides we need to remember not all the founding fathers were main stream Christian.Ben Franklin and George were Masonists which take many of their belifefs from the Jewish religion.They are also a magical tradition casting circles,drawing pentacles, calling the corners, and doing magic. The problem is that people fear what they don't understand. Also could it be their beliefs are so shaky they fear listening to other points of view will make them more usnsure of their beliefs. Being a former Christian you are aware as I am how hard it is to decide to leave the faith. We were brainwashed as children and taught to believe if we left the faith we would be damned. I know leaving the Catholic church was the hardest thing for me to do. It was only because I felt so uncomfortable and phony that I found the courage to change.The easy part was my intellect saying "Hey why would God care what name I used when speaking to Him/her? Isn't how one acts towards others whats important. Why would a loving father care how his children tried to reach him, the reaching out to him/her is what truly matters"
Yet still in my heart was this tiny voice of fear. While I have no problems with Christians or followers of any faith I am happy with Wicca.I am at peace with my beliefs. By the way I still believe in Jesus. He's kind of a hero figure to me. I dont see him as a "God",but as a very special human. One who truly undserstood what love was. One who understood how to live.
By the way thanks for adding my link to your blog.
I have a question for you. The dog in the picture is he yours,what kind is he and whats his name? I'm a big time fan of animals I have 2 dogs( Ace 1 1/2 yr old golden retriever and Calliope 4mon. old Mastiff), 1 black cat( Media 7 yr old],! horse( Dante 12 yr old Missouri Fox Trotter}.

jon be me said...

I left the catholic church too. I didn't feel the connection anymore. I think I'm a better "person" now because of it.

The Dog? Why that's me, silly! Ask my wife, she's always calling me A DOG!!

Dehlia said...

Woof, woof you certainly are a very handsome dog.

Anonymous said...

Funny anti-Romney bumper sticker:

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