Monday, January 5, 2009

2008 unto 2009: Moving Forward

Ok, now that the holiday seasons are over, now that 2008 has given way to 2009 and everyone is back to their normal routines, its time to MOVE ON!

Take the time now to look back on 2008: reflect on the ups and downs, the positives and the negatives, the good and the bad… then MOVE ON!

What did we learn? What did we do right? What happened? What could we have done better? Honestly reflect on these actions, then put ‘em away and go forward! Just as 2008 is over and will never again be, so will the choices we made last year. We can not change the choices we made but we can learn from them for future usage; Think about the choices (good and bad), honestly reflect on them, learn from them and then let em go… 2008 is now in the past and so are our actions and choices. Learn from the past, turn the page and start writing the next chapter in the book of your life…...... and MOVE FORWARD!

"One of the hardest things in life ....
.... is to put the past behind you and to move forward."

Nobody ever said it was easy but we can do it!
You are not alone in this journey.
Have faith in yourself!

Best of luck to all in 2009!
Special greetings to Sophia, Rambler, Siegfried and Jim.


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