Sunday, April 12, 2009

Poem for Heidi

Poem for Heidi…

When I crawl
I crawl
When I walk
I walk
When I run
I run
When I dance
I dance with you

When I jog
I jog
When I skate
I skate
When I drive my car
I drive my car
When I ride my bike
I ride my bike to you

When I lay down
I lay down
When I close my eyes
I close my eyes
When I fall asleep
I fall asleep
When I dream
I dream about you

When I read
I read
When I think
I think
When I write
I write
When I write a poem
I write this poem for you

When I watch the sun rise
I watch the sun rise
When I feel the sun set
I feel the sun set
When I gaze at the stars
I gaze at the stars
When I soar to the heavens
I sour to the heavens with you

When I’m sad
I’m sad
When I’m happy
I’m happy
When I smile
I smile
But ....
When I love
I love only you!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Rising from the depths of the deep blue sea
Souring majestically beyond the red, white and blue sky
As it’s earthly journey has reached the end
This soul flies on

Once, not long ago
Or so it seems
This soul entered earth’s plane
A soul so vibrant so eager

Eager to learn
Eager to play
Eager for joy and
Eager for life’s game…..

The printed word became his playing field
Baseball to basketball to football
He knew them all
For the game was his game

And now the time has come
Time to begin anew

It's goals accomplished
It's earthly light diminished
Friends touched
Touched by friends

The tears are dry and gone but the smiles remain
Remembering…the good times had
The abundance for life
Never slowed…just kept on growing
For this soul I called Dad

Serenity and peace achieved
Stormy weather past
A light breeze is now behind him
And smooth seas surround him

As night turns into day unto night
This blinding sun, which years ago rose
Has set into the deep blue sea

For the sea is his friend
As it has always been….

RestInPeace, Dad

jbm :(

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