Friday, October 5, 2007

I'm Divine?

Recently read the good life blog, which is about...(drum roll, please) "the good life" (no surprise there!), and it reminded me....

What's that old saying?
To forgive is Human
To forget is Divine.

If that's true, then I must be Divine because I'm always forgetting!!
How can I be "Human" if I've forgotten what to forgive?
So, I must be divine...mmm..... :)

Right or Rong?


Dehlia said...

A sense of humor, I like that. Too many people take themselves way too seriously. Look forward to reading more of your blog. Check out my blog

jon be me said...

Thanks Dehlia,
Some say I don't take life seriously or not at all. Ha! My great sense of humor is a gift...I shall use it!! Humor is the best, especially when looking in a mirror... :)

Rafa said...

Hia!! Well, Id just to say that i will try to writte my thoghts (?) in my mother language (spanish) and after it i will translate it to english (my inglish, sorry) due im from Spain, Europe.

In this post i only wanted to add that sometimes these negative aspects could come from other persons, not only from ur self; i call them something "energy vampires" lets say.

Firstly i would like to apologize about my written english: sorry (its even worse since i try to learn some German!).

Ok, in my expirence u can control what YOU think but u can not control the others ideas, which is good in a way but bad if they dont stop to soak up ur brain.

Zum Beispiel (i.e.), i had a friend while i was working in the UK who was always COMPLAINIG about EVERY SINGLE THING in her life there. I tried to tell her to think positive but it doesnt work: why? i dont know, but the final resoult of that situation was me getting those thoughts, getting grey (i would say black, if u understand that).

The question i drop down is "What could i do then", i mean, she was a good friend but there was no option to take her to the "light side of the force" (i dont know if thas right in english).

Was hard but i had to quit with that life and come back to Spain. My concluson is: sometimes hard desisions are right.

I intended to be the "other side of our minds there", Jon, and i hope u will appreciate that ;-)



jon be me said...

Hi ya Rafa!
Hope you are feeling better.

Your english is just fine. More important, I understand what you are saying.

Yes, you are correct about hard decisions sometimes being correct. We don't know until we act on them. Like when I moved to Germany for the first time in '91. It was a hard decision but it worked out. Ending a relationship is usually a hard choice but one that must sometimes be made in order for us to live our lives and for our growth.

c ya


Rambler said...

hey totally right :)...
did you discuss this theory with your wife?, I am sure she would agree.. :)

jon be me said...

Oh yea, my wife is always telling me how "divine" I am.... :)

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