Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Instrument for change is not enough

Last post I mentioned “being an instrument for change”. It’s a nice thought but it doesn’t really help a person. For example, suppose the blogs “spiritualhebrewtoo” and “virtualrambling” suddenly become best selling books that change the face of humanity. People start putting people above money and material. Many are affected and the world becomes a better place. Peace and harmony reign for a thousand years. All because of these two blogs! How does this affect Jim and Rambler? Do they all of a sudden become “better” people who souls have achieved progression? Have their souls achieved greatness? Have they obtained spiritual growth or harmony? I think not because…

In a spiritual sense, our goals are of a self fulfillment nature: the realization of our soul’s goals (growth) coming into our current life. Creating a world changing book (or blog) is nice and can have a lasting effect on mankind; however, it doesn’t help the writer’s soul achieve its goal. Achieving self realization should be our one and only “goal” in this life. It’s not selfishness but the truth and realization of the purpose of our soul. If we create this ultimate book but have not achieved growth then we have achieved nothing at all for our own soul. It might even slow down or prevent our growth due to the distractions etc. that come with writing such a superb book (blog). We might get a couple of “brownie points” and some possible good karma down the road, but we will still be at the same level of growth that we were at coming into this world.

The goal of our soul is not to further mankind but rather to achieve growth. Personal growth. Writing can help in this respect by forcing us to think and to be creative: To have creative thoughts. These creative thoughts can help us write an amazing blog AND it can also help us achieve growth. Writing, when kept in a proper perspective can be a useful tool in achieving personal growth, but writing, of itself, should not be the ultimate goal Just as meditation and prayer are also tools that may be used for growth but the actual act of meditating or praying is not the reason for doing it: growth of our soul is the reason behind these acts. All these tools are but compliments to our quest. We just have to keep our priorities in order.

I think that deep inside of us all, we want to become instruments of change. We all want to change the world into a better place (consciously or subconsciously). And it is a great desire. Nothing wrong with it. However, it should not be our only goal; our main goal.

Our priority should be on improving ourselves, our souls. Self realization and the evolution of our souls should be at the top of our “to do” list during our journey here on earth. That, is the best instument of change we could accomplish for ours and all the other souls we encounter on our journey.

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jim said...

Interesting thoughts, self growth relative to 'soul', vs, world-growth relative to its' great-soul, if one can say that, (I think one can, she is a mother, that soul of the world, and her evolvement/growth is recorded thru name changes). I think that the two are intricately related, like if I work on myself, the world benefits, if I raise myself up spiritually, the world rises up to some relative degree, also spiritually. Maybe then the consideration for understanding would be what is 'spiritual' and how is it relative to the 'non-spiritual', or are there two aspects or only one?

My latest post is about sex, on my Restoration/Restoration blog, my personal experiences with sex, partic as a youth. For me, and partly due to these youthful and non-voluntary experiences, I came to see sex as a door to the realization of human psychology, the experience became exploratory into the psychology driving the experience, this was easy to come by due to the nature of my particular experiences, they were registering at the time, not as physical activities, but as psychological ones. I will say more under your Burma post above.

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