Thursday, October 25, 2007


(the emptiness around me)
(surrounds the life force within)

and the Life Force within is called the...


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jim said...

I awoke this morning, several times, engaged with this question, or this mystery rather, some call it Ra, but that is the sun energy that continually recycles inside this solar system. Others call it Chi, and that is indicative of the force inside the Ra that is the life INSIDE here, this solar system, but LIFE is yet more than what is going on here, so the further back or deep we go, the less words we have to call it out.

But call it out, we must, Chi is knowing the focus of seeing long term continuity to ourselves, this is also called 'survival instinct', we fight death and fear an 'end'....this then is, in Chi, coupled to the making of rules and laws to promote ourselves, live long, and then to prosper in it.

From the will to Live, as Chi gives, all our structures become, and in those structures, loopholes for its' own defeat, the exploitation of some, creating distortions and perversions of that life force, turning it into a force of death and destruction masquerading as life. This then becomes our screen, that which we see as life, that which we seemingly must accept as life.

Hope these comments are not to busy and lengthy JBM, don't mean to offend, enjoy the thought and conversation this morning as my dawn awakes around me and I think of us there in Trier, as if I was with you, please, enjoy the day and your life force, enjoy God and keep the faith.

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