Friday, August 31, 2007


Some people have said that I'm JUST a dreamer and that I should get real. Get a life, they say. It's "doers" that make a difference. It's "doers" that have made this country (USA) great. Not Dreamers. Dreamers are just plain lazy, they say.
Well, I agree and disagree. Doers have made a big difference in this world. We would not be where we are without "doers". On the other hand, where have all the great ideas come from? Where do the "doers" get their inspiration from? DREAMERS! Yep, an idea has to be thought of first before it can be turned into reality, right? I believe that "dreamers" and "doers" go hand in hand. We need "doers" as much as we need "dreamers". I believe in a better place. I believe that things can be better. I dream of better things, of better ways to do things, and of a better life. A better way to treat and get along with our fellow beings (each other). Of course, better does not have to mean material. It can be spiritual. It can mean physical. It varies among each other. Balance is the key. Balance between the physical and the spiritual and the mental. Think about it. Dream about it. I do....
Also, "get real?" Really? And which "reality" is it that they are talking about? This "real" physical world? Or is it in the spiritual sense, which is on a different plane? Get real. Mmmm.... My "reality" is obviously different that most others.

right or rong?

Dedicated to....

This site is dedicated to my sister, Jere, who, besides being on her own "Path of Power" in trying to find herself, has always stood by me and encouraged me to "write your thoughts down". I hope that I live up to her faith in me.

This is also for my son. Perhaps when he grows up, this site will allow him, if it's still available, to better understand his father. Also, this might allow him to get a more detailed understanding on who I am and maybe this will help him during his journey through life.

Finally, to my wife, Heidi. She has always told me to "do something!!". Well, this is it, honey. LOVE YOU! Since meeting you, my life has not been the same... and I mean that in a good way (or do I?!!)!

Also, to all my friends, who I know, JUST CANT WAIT, to read my thoughts!! Thanks, Stu, Joani, Richard and Barb, Christie, Jan, Ruth, Amelia, Judy D., Joal, my parents and all the others who I forgot to mention (*Jay)...YOU are my inspiration.... this is for all of you, except Stu of course!!

I love you all and am really happy and lucky that you all are a part of my life.

You help make me who I am.


Where to start....

Mmmm....where to start....

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