Saturday, December 29, 2007

Growth of Tiger Woods

Now matter how powerful, rich or famous we become, we are still the same in the inside. We still have the same concerns and feelings (unless your a bush-ite!). Below is from Tiger Woods. Perhaps you've heard of him....

Tiger Woods recently discussed how he grew as a person this year. When asked to identify the most important thing he had learned this year about golf, he replied with the following:

"Not necessarily golf-wise, but life-wise, I think I've grown quite a bit this year," he said. "After my dad passed away last year, Earl Woods died at age 74, I played well, but was not really feeling all that great about my life in general."

"I felt like I hadn't really appreciated having Dad around. I didn't talk to him as much as I should have. I didn't call him, didn't see him, wasn't there enough. I felt that I didn't do enough for him."

"But when I had daughter this year, I wanted to take in every moment and appreciate everything. And I think that's where my life has changed. I appreciate everything now. And no doubt I played better as a result. But it's sad. One thing I regret is that it took the fact of my dad's passing for me to fully understand and realize how good my life was with him. I wish I had been able to appreciate how good it was when he was there."

Family and friends: appreciate them now.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

on the 8th day, God created....

...and on the 8th day, God created christmas break....
With that in mind, I will be out of the "office" for a bit, without my laptop.

So, I hope you all enjoy the holiday season in your own very special way. For me, its a celebration of life, a life of love and a love of life. Share it with your family, friends and fellow bloggers.

Be safe and arrive alive.


(the best gift off all is the gift of love, friendship and a smile to a stranger)


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I know that our journey, our quest for knowledge about our inner self is sometimes called the path to enlightenment. For some reason, though, I cannot bring myself to use "enlightenment", no matter how much I learn, when discussing my own journey. I don't use the word because it makes me feel like I'm saying that I'm smarter than others because I'm "enlightened" or on the path to enlightenment or that I discovered something amazing. I am not enlightened about anything (heck, I sometimes have to look in the dictionary to just spell the word correctly!!)

I'm just me, trying to figure "IT" out like so many others before me and the many that will come after me. Perhaps when I pass on, then I will become enlightened but until then, I'm just your average, though not necessarily normal, guy named jon...


Jon said.... 3

Doing nothing
can be
more productive
doing something
--- Jon

Sunday, December 16, 2007

In the 1

Man demands a beginning and a boundary, so in the beginning there was a sea of spirit, and it filled all space. It was static, content and aware of itself. Then it moved. It withdrew into itself, until all space was empty, and that which had filled it was shining from its center, a restless seething mind. This was the individuality of the spirit; this was what it discovered itself to be when it awakened; this was GOD.

Souls were created for companionship with God. The pattern used was that of God Himself: spirit, mind, individuality; cause, action, effect.

First there had been spirit; then there had been the action which withdrew spirit into itself; then there had been the resulting individuality of God.

In building the soul, there was spirit, with its knowledge of identity with God; there was the active principle of mind; and there was the ability of experience; the activity of mind separately from God. A new individual, issuing from and dependent upon God, but aware of an existence apart from Him, thus came into being.

To the new individual, there was given, necessarily, the power to choose and direct its own activity; for without free will it would remain a part of God. Mind, issuing as a force from God, would naturally fulfill his thoughts, unless directed otherwise. The power to do this-to direct otherwise the force of mind-is what man calls free will. The record of the free will is the soul. The soul began with the first expression which free will made of its power, through, the force of mind. The first thought which it generated of itself, the first diversion of mind force from its normal path, was the beginning of the soul.

The soul was the greatest thing that was made; it had free will. The measure of the soul is the limitless activity of mind and the grandeur of it’s imagination.

The nucleus of the soul was in balance, positive and negative force in equal power, producing harmonious activity: the positive initiating, impregnating, thrusting forward; the negative receiving, nourishing, ejecting. The steps of this action were the stages of thought: perception, reflection, opinion.

The plan for the soul was a cycle of experience in which the new individual would come to know creation in all its aspects, at the discretion of will. The cycle would be completed when the desire of will was no longer different from the thought of God and the soul would return to its source as the companion it was intended to be.

The return of the soul is the return of the image to that which imagined it and the consciousness of the individual--its record, written in mind--is not destroyed. The Ego, which is the desire to do other than the will of god, is, however, relinquished. When a soul returns to God it becomes aware of itself not only as a part of God, but as a part of every other soul AND everything.

To be continued....
(from the readings of Edgar Cayce)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Friend ship


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Buddha say .... 6

The wise ones fashioned speech with
their thought, sifting it as
grain is sifted
through a
--- Buddha

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

According to....


--- Albert Einstein


Monday, December 10, 2007

New Link - Journey Into Being

I've added a new link....

Journey into Being is a blog by Zareba. If you don't know her yet, she is a deeply spiritual person who joyfully lives in the present while wisely eyeing the future. Her blog tracks a journey down the path of enlightenment encompassing the last 40 yrs and counting.

Check it out. You might enjoy reading her posts as much as I did! Also, if you pay careful attention, you can find out the secret meaning to her name..... :)

(smile when you say that!)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thinker not doer

I'm a THINKER, not a "doer"
Some call me a dreamer
(your just dreaming, get real!)

Some say Thinkers are lazy and that "doers make the world go around"...
Thinkers give “doers” the ideas... :)… and
Without ideas, “doers” would have nothing to uh … do!

Both are needed for change.

I learned a long time ago that I was a Thinker and not a “doer”
I accept it. I accept the agony that goes with it for
Thinkers bear the mental burden
of the world but

Thinkers change humanity...........

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jon said....2

is to enjoy tomorrow
is to worry about

--- Jon

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Green Christmas

I know we are all concerned about the environment, so in the spirit of Christmas, I've enclosed the following article....

NOTHING says "Christmas" like the smell of pine in your living room on a winter morning! But is that smell really "green" or is it bad for the planet? Is it more environmentally responsible to buy a fake tree and use it year after year? What about keeping a live tree for Christmas? Let's look at the options one by one.

If you want a tree for the holiday, the experts at
Grist and TreeHugger say it's actually better to buy a cut real Christmas tree than an artificial tree. Why? In a word, plastics. Fake trees are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Producing this type of plastic creates a lot of pollution, and PVC is difficult to recycle. Plus, lead has been found in PVC. According to a report (PDF) in the Journal of Environmental Health, lead levels are higher in older artificial trees. You've probably heard about lead in children's toys, so just imagine the kiddos hanging around lead-tainted branches of your fake Christmas tree. Not a merry scene.

Farmed Christmas trees are ultimately a renewable resource. Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide, and after the holidays, the trees can be recycled into mulch. Check Earth 911 to see where to take your dead tree after the 25th.

What about a live tree? This is often promoted as the ultimate eco-friendly holiday option. Well, it's not that simple. First, you have to live in the right climate to plant a tree after Christmas. If the ground is
frozen outside, you can't do it. Then, you can only keep a live tree indoors for a few days, either 4 to 10, depending on the type of tree. You can't have this tree up after Thanksgiving and around till New Years, or you'll kill it. Some types of live trees can be kept outside in containers for a year or two. Others grow fast and must be planted in the ground sooner. Either way, this isn't a long-term solution to your Christmas decorations -- what do you do the following year? Pretty soon, the tree won't fit in the house. Also, you must carefully consider how much space you have in your yard to plant trees. Remember, these trees may grow up to 60-feet tall.

So, the most
practical solution for earth-friendly folks who celebrate Christmas is to look for a locally grown tree. Ask if the farm uses integrated pest management instead of tons of chemicals. If you can, find a cut-your-own Christmas tree farm. It's good family fun too.

By Trystan L. Bass

Any other suggestions or ideas? Let us know ho ho ho....

Buddha say....5

One who conquers him self is greater
than one who conquers others.
--- Buddha

Monday, December 3, 2007

Kyoto, Bali and the US

Representatives from 190 countries are gathering in Bali this week to begin framing a successor to the Kyoto Protocol on climate change.

As usual, the United States is against any type of an agreement that would force them to adhere to the commonly agreed upon steps needed to reduce the damage to the climate. The US did not sign the Kyoto Agreement because "it would cost too much." And although we are the leading producer of the damage causing emissions, the current administration has consistently denied the accuracy of the reports produced by some of the worlds leading scientist.

Behind the bluff, it is well known that the only reason the US is not on board with the majority of the world is based on sheer profit. The current administration will not concede to making changes if it costs money (or lost money). In other words, "if it cuts into our profits, then it aint' gonna happen!" This is just another example of the "money above all" attitude that has overtaken the US, especially since 2000. Profit above the welfare of the people. Only, in this case, it involves not only the American people, but the people of the world. We need to be setting the example for the rest of the world by taking the moral route but, unfortunately, we are, again, setting the wrong example by taking the money express.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Faith and God....

As I mentioned before, I was raised a Catholic, went to Catholic school, attended church every Sunday and believed in the hell thing that is always preached about in the weekly sermons. “Fear God” they seemed to say. Funny, but when I read the bible myself, without it being “explained” to me, I saw a God of love. A God of forgiveness. A wise God. A God I wanted to “hang out” with! (Hey, he could turn water into wine…) I did not see the evil, damning one who condemned you for even thinking “bad” thoughts! No, I saw another one.

But then, when I got older and lusted for more knowledge about life, I decided to read up on the different faiths. So, I read books on Jews, Mormons, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Indians, Witches, Zoroastrians or Atheists and any other faith that I could find a book on. Know what I found out (I’m sure you have all heard it before)? I found out that they were all right and all wrong. Outside of Athiesm, they were basically all the same, except for the few “little things” that gave them distintion from the others. They all also preached mind control and power over the individual. A “bowing down” to the Almighty. Except Buddhism, which to me, taugh that “all is within you”. Mmmm. I liked that. All is within me….

Now, I don’t call any religion as mine. I don’t follow any set of rules. I simply refer to myself as spiritual, which can cover many bases. I believe, though sometimes question, in a higher power. A higher entity, a god or whatever human name one wants to give it. I believe we are all a part of it. We all make it up. We are all it and it is in all of us. There is no one “person” at the head of the chain. This is not a chain of command thing where the CEO calls all the shots. No, we are all it and it is us. You might be able to compare it to the human body. Consider all the chemicals and atoms that make up the body. We are the atoms and microorganisms that make up this “God”. All that we see and think. Good, bad: Evil, righteousness. All of the stars and galaxies etc... Everything. They are all part of this body. This power. And we are “it”!

I believe in Reincarnation. So that our souls can become complete. Some say to become “perfect”. Healthy might be more like it. But why? I don’t know yet. They say so that we can become one “with” God again. But what if we are already one with God since we are all “part of it” anyway?

I am not sure of everything and obviously don’t have the answers to all the questions. I do, however, have my beliefs BUT always keep an open mind to various opinions and thoughts. To strongly believe in your faith is fine and I can admire that. No problem with it. However, I don’t believe that anyone should be 100%, without a doubt, sure of their beliefs; not to cover the bases but to leave room for error as we are human, after all. Or is that, we are all divine?

(sure Jim, as usual, will have a nice good opinion on this one! :)

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