Thursday, January 31, 2008

What it is

What you make it
it is
it is what you think it
what is thought
it will always be
that thought action
the action, it always will be
what you thought
what you think it is
is what you make it
it will always be
YOU think other

Think about it...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Without dreams.

One of the most common questions asked when discussing a person’s life or his future is, “What are your dreams?” Most people answer with “to be rich”, “to be a doctor”, “to live on a beach in Tahiti” or “to save the whales”, for example. We have been told to “dream big” by society.

“What are your goals, your aspirations; YOUR DREAMS….” You must have one, right?

What if a person does not have such grandiose plans or dreams? Is he lost? Is he a loser? Will he never be happy without such pretentious plans or dreams? Does one really need to have such dreams in order to live or to be considered a success? What is a person without dreams? Why must we have them? Is it to make us feel good or is it to impress others? Is it for motivational purposes? Are dreams necessary for our psyche? Why? What if a person is living for survival, daily survival, that is? Does he really have time for a dream?

I know a person who has no such dreams; no illusions to pick him up or to drag him down. No such plans that could potentially become a future “failure” if not realized. When he starts to even think about a dream, it is automatically squashed with the “forget it, it will never happen” thought. He is not a sad person. In fact, he is always happy and always sees life in a positive light. He just doesn’t have any dreams: never had a chance to dream due to his early life conditions. Perhaps as a young man he had dreams but upon joining adulthood, he realized that his chances for his dreams coming true were nil. It was too much of a battle to just “survive” life and its challenges. THAT became his dream: to survive. Does he wish he had goals or dreams to reach for? Or even A dream, just one? Yes but he will not let a lack of dreams bring him down. He accepts life as it was given to him. He is playing his cards to the best of his capabilities. He accepts himself as he is.

Am I worse off than others who dream of the moon but settle for the stars? I live day to day: not eyeing the future, not contemplating the past but living for today - everyday.

I am living in the NOW...without dreams.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

simple pleasures

life's most simple pleasures
are very often the best.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blinded by the light...

Staring into the light
for answers can cause one to go blind
blind to the everyday realities of the physical world
while becoming trapped on the highway to the inner realities of the soul search

Once trapped, the outer world becomes but a blur, a myth
a myth considered reality by the masses but a dream to the few
the few who see differently think differently
and feel other

Others will not understand and will cast a concerned eye
concerning the lack of urgency to their real world for
their real world is no longer our priority as
the priority has become the search for the other
and the other is not understood by the masses,
thus one may feel lost and perhaps confused
confused by the newfound knowledge within which fuels further quests and conflicts
conflicting with the old everyday decision making
new decisions evolving that will not make sense to the many
but to the few
the few who have become fixated by the light of this knowledge
a knowledge that begets more answers that require yet unknown questions
that can only become by looking beyond
beyond the signs, missed and seen, heard and felt that are within us but
also manifest outside us

The journey outside, is of infinity inside
begins with the first step
over and over and over
for answers do not the questions but beget new answers
we believe in yet cannot fully understand
into the light we may fear
fears unfounded for in the light is found
our map a map to what? Peace?
what, we don’t know, yet we do
forgotten what we do know
puts us on the path a new old life path
pointing to the past parlaying into the future

With this quest now a part of us
active days are replaced by sleepless nights
seeing with the heart and feeling with the eyes
ways not accepted on everyday earth but
ways slowly bringing joy, hope and peace to us

Thus, we have joy for what we have found
what has become a part of us and will always be
of what we cannot ignore cannot turn away from
of believing in what cannot be fully understood
but we also have frustration
for we may feel alone in this journey and misunderstood
by others who are near and dear
but not on the same path although
they are passengers, albeit lost, with us in our journey
a journey to which
to find the answers we are willing to be
blinded by the light…

The blind man sees what
The seeing man is blind to


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

According to....2

Outside of a dog,
a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog,
it's too dark to read.
---Groucho MARX

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blumner link

Added a new link...

Robyn Blumner. She is a Columnist/Editorial Writer for the StPetersburgTimes in Florida. She writes in a good, common sense, "liberal" tone about the state of people and the world today. Check it out, you might enjoy her articles. I know I do!


Move on to 2008

To bring in 2008

As usual, many people will begin 2008 by pledging to stop something personal. That may be to stop smoking, or to eat healthier or to lose weight. These time honored commitments, however honestly attempted, are rarely followed through to a positive conclusion. There is a better way.

The best way to bring in 2008 is to let go of 2007. However, before letting go, take the time now to reflect back on 2007.

First, look at the “negatives”. What went wrong? What bad decisions were made? What bad moves were made? What would you do over if you had the chance to change something? Now I believe that we make the best decisions possible at the time based on our situation, so I don’t necessarily consider them “bad” choices. On the other hand, looking back at our choices, we can always find decisions made that upon reflecting on them, were not the wisest choices made and we would change them if we could. But we can’t. Let’s call them “learning lessons” and I, personally, have had many learning lessons! We all do. That’s life. That’s being human.

Next, to end the backview on a positive note, look at all the good things that happened to you in 2007. Look at all the positive choices and decisions you made that turned out for the better. I’m sure there are many of them too. Take the time to reflect on and enjoy them. Even the littlest of choices can have major impacts on our lives so enjoy the smallest and simplest of these choices. Remember, you could have chosen the opposite route. Be proud of the good decisions you made.
So, that’s it. Very simply put: leaf back through the book called 2007. What went wrong and what went right. Bad choices and Good decisions. Look good, hard and HONESTLY at them. Learn from the mistakes and build on the positives. Then turn the page. End of chapter. MOVE ON!

These same lessons can be applied to our daily lives. At the end of everyday, reflect honestly on what you did and the choices made. Learn from the mistakes and build on the positives. Remember, we are only human. Then turn the page on the day, put it behind you and MOVE ON!

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