Friday, October 12, 2007

Drumming for my health

I was thinking my thoughts the other day and
that got me thinking about….

…drumming and its positive effects on your body, mind and soul. Yep, that’s right, drumming. Now, I don’t mean just any drumming, no, I’m talking about hand drumming; whether it be in a circle with others or by your self. I’m a hand drummer and use a Djemba Drum that was hand made in Ghana, Africa. It’s a nice little ole drum with a brown tone, about 33cm across the head and about 2 ½ ft high. I’ve used it in drum circles at, among other places, Safety Harbor, Fl and at the Dunedin Beach Causeway. It’s such an awesome feeling to be drumming on the beach with another 10 people or so and having the sun set in the background/ foreground. It helps you get more in tune with nature and yourself. On a larger scale and for a really cool, almost surrealistic experience, though, you have to check out the drum circles that are held every Friday, on the beach, in Treasure Island, Florida. These “events” draw upwards of 50-100 or more drummers, dancers and spectators. (and that doesn’t include the police who have decided that we need to be “protected”!!) It is a site to see!! With the great weather year round in Florida, it’s possible to be outside, drumming almost every day for your health: Body, Mind and Soul!

When drumming, I believe that the vibrations from the drum reverberate throughout my body. These vibrations help stimulate the cells and microorganism etc., etc., etc. When stimulated, these “cells” help revitalize my organs: from the heart, to the lungs, to the muscles and beyond, thus keeping my body healthy and strong. (Maybe even young?) And, although I am physically drained after drumming for just a few hours, the next day I feel better, more fit and happy. Plus, as an added bonus, I sleep better after a session! Furthermore, as everyone knows, the better you feel physically, the more fit you are, to a degree, then clearer and easier to understand thoughts will arise in your mind.

I also know that after drumming, I have a calmer, more peaceful state of mind. The drumming seems to have a holistic healing effect on me. I have a better, clearer mind with more positive thoughts about the environment around me, about myself and my friends. Remember, the mind is most powerful. We are and we see according to the thoughts that come through our mind. If drumming helps these thoughts to be more positive, more peaceful, then my environment and my view of life will also be affected accordingly. And, with a clearer mind set, also comes the ability to better “hear” and be in tune with my soul.

To some, the vibrations from drumming are comparable to many forms of meditation or prayer. When you meditate and repeat the “Ohm” mantra over and over, it’s the vibrations from that chanting that reverberate throughout your body and awaken the soul. Also, when you say prayers for an hour, it’s the vibrations from this act that reach the soul. Vibration is energy. Vibration is life. This is a proven fact. Not proven, though, is that the soul responds to this energy of life. It awakens and calls on us when stimulated by these vibrations of energy. There are different types of energy and the vibrations from drumming are but one of them. Call ‘em “positive vibes” if you will!

Not really sure if I actually explained it that well, so hopefully you got the message anyway. The point is that there are many ways for us to increase our health and drumming is but one exercise in which we can stimulate our body, mind and soul. So remember, the next time you come across a drum circle, jump in, help yourself and drum for your health!

What do you think?


Dehlia said...

I totally agree.Matter of fact I often beet on a hand drum when I meditate.
By the way I added a link to your site on my blog.Hope you don't mind.

jon be me said...

it's a great feeling, isn't it. Unfortunately,those who don't, don't understand! And, those who do, do!

" to my site..." Do I mind? MMmmmm...DITTO!!

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