Sunday, September 30, 2007

Britney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics

Just to lighten things up a bit as this site can sometimes be fairly heavy.
Plus, humour is dessert for the soul!!

Britney Spears explains Semiconductor Physics!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Any comments on Burma?

Any comments on Burma?


Friday, September 28, 2007

Burma Blog

With all that is going on in Burma, I just had to create a separate site about it. Check it out. It's basically filled with links and articles by bloggers (some within the country who are risking their lives by sending out pictures and articles to the rest of the world) and others who are writing about the current situation. I will try to keep it updated and fresh, loaded with various points of views and current pictures direct from Burma. Check it out. Lets tell the Regime that they might be able to shut out connections to the outside world for the Burma people but they cannot shut out/up the outside world from seeing first hand their atrocities.


Myanmar "Burma Today" website.

A blogger from England has many pictures from Burma. Part of the site is in English.

Ko Htike is a 28-year-old who left Myanmar (Burma) seven years ago to study in England and is receiving information and pictures from about 40 people, and counting, who are risking their lives by sending this information from within his country.

The actions by the Military Junta are obviously "wrong".

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mundane Birthdays?

I read a post in virtual ramblings site where he laments that he has "lost the significance" of his birthdays after 26 of 'em. I can understand his view and actually know quite a few people who feel the same way. My own view on birthdays are different than most and his post got me thinking....

Way back when I turned 20, I was in the Air Force and stationed in North Carolina. My birthday came around and I was ready to celebrate it. Ready to party!! So, here I was, waiting for my friends to come by my room to take me out. To treat me 'cause it was, after all, my birthday and that's what they are supposed to do, right? Time for my friends to buy me drinks and give me gifts. "What gifts would I get this year", I thought to myself. Everybody likes gifts right?

The gift I ended up receiving was definitely not what I was expecting: however, it ended up being a gift that would last a lifetime!

Back to the story. After waiting until, oh, around 8pm, for my friends to show up, I realized they were not coming. Mmm. What happened? Not wanting to wait any longer to PARTY!, I went looking for my friends (all 3 of them!). I found them in their rooms and told them about my B'day. They said the usual wishes and all but also mentioned that they had no money to go out with me to celebrate. I was disappointed. This was my day and all and I wanted to celebrate with my friends. After getting over the disappointment, I thought, "you know, this day doesn't mean much without my friends". So, I ended up taking them out and paid for everything that night. I had a great time and my friends did too.

After that night, I decided that from now on, I was going to treat my friends on my birthday. Not only was I going to celebrate my B'day but I'm going to celebrate my friendships every year on that special day. It gave new meaning to my birthdays. Time to thank all my friends (all 3 of em!) for being my friend and for making the last year special. To this day, I still do this. Even though it's still awkward, I make it a point every year to personally "thank my friends for being my friends" and shake their hands. I really mean it. Of course, they look at me kinda weird then make some stupid joke, but I think they get it.

To me, it's the friends we have that make our world, our lives, special. Even if it's only 3 of them (Quality over quantity)!

This was the gift of a lifetime I received way back then.... :)

right or rong?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sun Shine

There might be a storm a brewing outside the window but in my heart, the sun is shining!

Monk Uprising

Apparently, Buddhist Monks are rising up against the military junta in Burma.

According to the AP, some 100,000 protesters took to the streets Monday, led by some 20,000 monks. "In our country the monks are the highest moral authority. When the monks take the leading role, the people will follow," said Soe Aung, a spokesman for the National Council of the Union of Burma, a coalition of opposition groups based in neighboring Thailand.

Sunday, a monk gave a speech calling for (pro-democracy leader, Nobel Peace laureate and under house arrest since 1998?) Suu Kyi's release and national reconciliation. The speech further aligned them with her long-running struggle for democracy. The monks are the majority and they are leading the movement right now.

In 1988, a similar pro-democracy uprising was brutally crushed by the military. Thousands were apparently killed.

So far, the military has stood aside, allowing the Monks and protesters to peacefully march in the streets. One question on every ones mind, however, is, how long before the military moves in and how violently will they react this time?

I applaud the monks and wish them a peaceful solution.

right or rong?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

We make a difference

We all make a difference.

We all make the world go around.
Each and every one of us.

For example, as we meet people and say hi to them, this changes their routine if not by just a minute or so. As we cross the road and a car slows down for us (hopefully!), we change their life by a minute or so... and so on and so on… So what, you might say. So we slowed someone down by a minute. What difference does that make? Well, haven’t you ever just missed an accident by a minute? Or a few seconds? Haven’t you ever come across an accident and thought to yourself, “wow, if I didn’t …, that could have been me!”

Also, our attitudes make a difference. How many times has an angry person upset you? How about the person who flips you off or something like that? Doesn’t that upset you? And then you take that anger home or to work and pass it off on to your co-workers or family. How many times have you been upset and taken it out on a friend only to apologize later for your actions? Of course, that may have already sent the friend/family member on their way to also taking it out on someone else. The Domino effect happens.

Sure, we could just all stay home and have no effect at all on anyone. Right? Wrong. By staying home, we are also creating another effect. We might not prevent our neighbor from being in that accident because we didn’t say hi to him in the morning. Or, our presence at work could have prevented a coworker from cussing out the boss by talking to that individual before they made that decision. Sometimes, just being there can make a difference.

(Of course, some people might say that all these “encounters” could just as easily have had a negative impact and that is true; however, I choose to see the positive side of life. The choice is yours to make because it’s all in the eye of the beholder!)

Life is full of many “what ifs” and they are all influenced by the thousands of choices we make daily. Whether our choices are intentional or not, they create an “impression” on life.

The point is: We all count. We all matter. We all make a difference.
(OK, so this was not the best example, but look behind the messg for the meaning!)

Am I rightorrong?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Futures Gone

Another death
Another life gone
Wasted days
Wasted nights
Their Futures are gone

Lies to me
Lies to you
Words not true
Words without meaning
Another death is done

Lives not saved
Lives are gone
Loves lost
Loves that are not
Their futures are gone

Anonymous mom poem

Monday, September 17, 2007

I simply am

I read an article the other day that was in a German magazine. The magazine is called "Der Spiegel" and the article was about the Dali Lama's recent visit to Germany. It got me thinking....

... and he said to the Dali Lama, " I do not have any questions to ask. I do not need anything. I am simply happy being here next to you. I believe that by just being here, next to you, my soul will receive the vibrations and the answers to the questions not asked will come. The path will be revealed before my closed eyes and in my open heart. I have no needs, no desires, no wants. What happens-happens! My soul knows the path of its journey. It knows where it wants to go and what must be done. I must simply let it be. Allow it to roam. My soul will show its way, its destiny. Then I will know. Then I will follow the path before me. No, I have no questions. I simply AM!"

This does not mean to do nothing. No. It means to be open to the spiritual signs around us and to the "feelings" that emerge from within us to find the good life. Follow your heart and instincts and you will find your way. The path is sometimes hard to understand, but the way is in us. In our soul.

right or rong?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Invisible Emptiness

Most people believe that reality consists only of what is visible to them and therefore the realm of their experiences remains limited. They only see part of the reality, but believe it to be complete. As they see and accept only an incomplete reality, they believe in things that are manifest, visible and within the domain of their sense organs. Naturally, they enjoy only those pleasures that are perceptible to their sense organs and get completely entangled in them.

A wise ... also explores and discovers the invisible dimensions of visible reality. Thus, he knows the complete reality... his sense organs and intelligence become highly refined and evolved... he know(s) 'invisible emptiness' as the real causes of the visible world...he is able to grasp the known as well as unknown aspects of reality, his perceptions become more complete and more enriched in nature.

From "9 Secrets of Successful Meditation"
by Samprasad Vinod

right or rong?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Ships on a river...

From my kitchen window, I can see the Mosel River below me. This part of the river meanders through Trier, Germany. One of the oldest uses of the Mosel River is for ships transporting "freight" to other countries. Mostly coal or rocks, I believe. Not exactly sure. This tradition dates back thousands of years. So, as I was watching this one ship slowly make its way past me, it made me think (how strange!).

"These ships are like our lives", I thought.

You see, throughout our individual journeys, we slowly work our way through the river of life (symbolically-duh!) . Sometimes, we get to drift easily down stream (those times where everything just seems to work out right), while other times, we have to work (those tough times where everything works out rong) our way up river.

Of course, whether we are going up stream or down the river, we have to always be on the alert to avoid running aground!

right or rong?

Death to life?

Does death actually open the door to life?

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Just signed up to blog in order to receive more views and feedback on my posts. One cannot rely on only friends and family to get honest critical feedback. With critical feedback and diverse opinions, one has the opportunity to truly learn and grow. Our minds must remain OPEN to all that is without in order to grow within....

Awareness of the big picture

Remain focused on the "big picture". It's easy to get distracted by the little things in life that happen on a daily basis. However, by keeping a view toward the big picture, life actually becomes easier and more enjoyable. Furthermore, by remembering the big picture, it is also easier to deal with the little things that we all encounter during our journey.

When we see a Rose: the fragrance, the style and the color are beautiful. If we get pricked by the thorns when we pick the rose, do we throw it away? Do we lose sight of the rose and curse the thorn? Perhaps. On the other hand, those who see the big picture, who know that thorns are a part of the rose, put the pain of the thorn behind them, move on and put the rose in a vase to enjoy the beauty of it. Life can be like the rose......

Remain aware of the "big picture" in life. Do not let the little "thorns of life" distract you from the beauty that life has to offer ALL OF US.

right or rong?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Is too much news bad for you?

Is too much news bad for you?

I had a co-worker who once told me that she never reads or watches the news. “Ignorance is Bliss”, I thought to myself. You see, I HAVE to watch and read the news. I like to know what’s going on in the world. Every morning, I turn on the TV and watch the various local and national news. Then I turn on the computer and scan websites for more news articles. By the time I got to work, I could tell you what was happening locally, in the state of Florida, in the USA or around the world! I was well informed, I thought. I liked that feeling of knowing what was going on everywhere (ok, maybe not everywhere, but you get he idea!). I felt good.

I USED to feel good…. Occasionally but more and more often, I started feeling bad inside. I was getting sick because all the headlines considered “news”, were all about terrible things that had happened. Killings, suicides, homeless people, abused kids, wars, death, genocide, Bush/Cheney, dishonest politicians, eminent domain… the list goes on and on. Many of these articles brought tears to my eyes and laid a heavy, sad burden on my heart. These stories were also having a negative effect on my outlook on life. Not only was I getting mentally fatigued and depressed, but I was starting to lose hope in mankind. That is not me. I am normally a happy go lucky person who sees the positive in life. A believer in people: I see the positive in people. A sunny disposition no what happens. My cup was always “half-full”, even though a few people thought I was half-out-of-it!

All this “news” was conflicting with and tormenting my soul.

Something had to change…

I moved to Germany! Yep, that helped immensely. By moving to Germany, I was not being bombarded 24/7 with all that negative crap. In the States, it seemed like all the news was bad news. Yes, there is bad news in Germany, too, as in the whole world but it was not the same. Now I can still access my old websites via my laptop, but I’ve also altered my routine. I stopped reading many of the articles. I might still glance at the headlines; however, I no longer feel the urge to read all the articles. Only a few select ones. Now, I have less “negative” reaching my inner depths. Less negative feeding my soul. I feel better, again.

I believe that what we read, becomes a part of us whether we like it or not. If we read/see only the negative, then we will only see the negative. On the other hand, if we read and see more positive….

While many people love to read fictional stories about romance, revenge and spies, I, myself, prefer non-fiction works concerning the nature of the human being. This is enlightening. With this, I am fed the positive. It makes me feel good. It also becomes a part of me. I might not remember it all, but it becomes a positive influence on me. It helps me stay grounded with an inner view toward what are the real reasons we are here on earth.

That, makes my soul feel good!

Perhaps my ex-coworker was right after all?

right or rong?

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