Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thinker not doer

I'm a THINKER, not a "doer"
Some call me a dreamer
(your just dreaming, get real!)

Some say Thinkers are lazy and that "doers make the world go around"...
Thinkers give “doers” the ideas... :)… and
Without ideas, “doers” would have nothing to uh … do!

Both are needed for change.

I learned a long time ago that I was a Thinker and not a “doer”
I accept it. I accept the agony that goes with it for
Thinkers bear the mental burden
of the world but

Thinkers change humanity...........


Rambler said...

I do not think thinking of any kind be bad Jon..Dreamer or not, thinking rocks :)

jim said...

Jon, about these three posts, trees don't belong in the house, but smell great in there, plastic stinks!...Worry is what we do, we need to appreciate more....Thinking is what it is all about, doing is alright in moderation....

And an aside....I saw a musical feast from an auditorium in Trier, it was Andre Rieu and his bunch, great music, I especially liked the Hansel and Gretl number with singers in costume, I am sre it is years old, know of it?

See ya later amigo!

jim said...

PS Jon, I think I saw you in the audience, lol!

jon be me said...

you got that right...THINKING ROCKs! or, is it like a pet rock?

I tend to "appreciate" far more than "worry" as I had enough worries earlier in my life. Now, I just enjoy what life throws at me...after all, it's LIFE! Enjoy it! Right?

Trees don't belong in the house? I'd like to build a house around a big ole giant tree. I think it would keep me more grounded and aware of my connection to the Earth. Not a plastic tree though :)

I'll have to ask my wife about the musical. They do have a lot of culture here for a small city (100k). Yep, that was me,back in the 90's , when I was in my 90's :)

Siegfried said...

Thinking about thinking.
Think en tinker. Learn from mistakes.

jon be me said...

"The more mistakes the more we learn"...unless we keep repeating the same mistakes then we have learned nothing....

Siegfried said...

Allow mistakes to change you. Don't wallow in the past.

Maithri said...

Ah but it is possible to be both my friend.

It is possible to be both,

Peace and love, M

jon be me said...

Possible to be both but to excell in both is rare...but possible!

Art thou this rare one for I am not...yet

Thanks Maithri

jon be me said...

"Do not wallow in the past" is 100% correct. What has happened has happened. We cannot change it but we can learn from it.

"Und, so ist das Leben...." Verstehen Sie, ya?

Enjoy your comments Sieg. You have a very good mind and outlook on life. I just wish you allowed comments on your site!

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