Saturday, December 1, 2007

Faith and God....

As I mentioned before, I was raised a Catholic, went to Catholic school, attended church every Sunday and believed in the hell thing that is always preached about in the weekly sermons. “Fear God” they seemed to say. Funny, but when I read the bible myself, without it being “explained” to me, I saw a God of love. A God of forgiveness. A wise God. A God I wanted to “hang out” with! (Hey, he could turn water into wine…) I did not see the evil, damning one who condemned you for even thinking “bad” thoughts! No, I saw another one.

But then, when I got older and lusted for more knowledge about life, I decided to read up on the different faiths. So, I read books on Jews, Mormons, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Indians, Witches, Zoroastrians or Atheists and any other faith that I could find a book on. Know what I found out (I’m sure you have all heard it before)? I found out that they were all right and all wrong. Outside of Athiesm, they were basically all the same, except for the few “little things” that gave them distintion from the others. They all also preached mind control and power over the individual. A “bowing down” to the Almighty. Except Buddhism, which to me, taugh that “all is within you”. Mmmm. I liked that. All is within me….

Now, I don’t call any religion as mine. I don’t follow any set of rules. I simply refer to myself as spiritual, which can cover many bases. I believe, though sometimes question, in a higher power. A higher entity, a god or whatever human name one wants to give it. I believe we are all a part of it. We all make it up. We are all it and it is in all of us. There is no one “person” at the head of the chain. This is not a chain of command thing where the CEO calls all the shots. No, we are all it and it is us. You might be able to compare it to the human body. Consider all the chemicals and atoms that make up the body. We are the atoms and microorganisms that make up this “God”. All that we see and think. Good, bad: Evil, righteousness. All of the stars and galaxies etc... Everything. They are all part of this body. This power. And we are “it”!

I believe in Reincarnation. So that our souls can become complete. Some say to become “perfect”. Healthy might be more like it. But why? I don’t know yet. They say so that we can become one “with” God again. But what if we are already one with God since we are all “part of it” anyway?

I am not sure of everything and obviously don’t have the answers to all the questions. I do, however, have my beliefs BUT always keep an open mind to various opinions and thoughts. To strongly believe in your faith is fine and I can admire that. No problem with it. However, I don’t believe that anyone should be 100%, without a doubt, sure of their beliefs; not to cover the bases but to leave room for error as we are human, after all. Or is that, we are all divine?

(sure Jim, as usual, will have a nice good opinion on this one! :)


jim said...

Ho, Ho, Ho, Jon, be me?, you already surpass me, obviously, from reading this post!

In a completely different way we are exactly the same...I am absolutely thrilled to read this short history of yourself, my congratulations on your child!

The growth continues, open mind enables that, but you know, trust yourself, in this, the growth and the trust, you are Divine, made in the image.

As to the 'within' if you have time read on my R/R blog, Treatise pts 9 and 10, and so, they describe this 'within' and how it is, at least Jon, from my point of view.

As to 'sure of belief', I am, but I have a reason to be so sure, it comes with a big price that I paid by error, not necessary either, and the rewards and pathway is the same regardless.

My, my, I am impressed, keep on Jon, keep on!

jon be me said...

An open mind is one of our greatest gifts to be wisely used. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this...except you, me and the other... 2? people :)... who read this blog ... on occasion!

Gonna look for your treatise now.

As usual, thanks for you positive and informative comments.

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