Thursday, December 13, 2007

Buddha say .... 6

The wise ones fashioned speech with
their thought, sifting it as
grain is sifted
through a
--- Buddha


jim said...

Do you know that 'thought' is the writer and speaker of language, while the body pretends to be? But that the body invented its' own version of thought (ego), in defence against 'thought'?

Why did it need defence? It didn't, it just thought it did, lol, and went with that!

Siegfried said...

Don' think, feeeel! It is likah fingah pointing away to da moon; don'lookah da fingah o yo wi' miss o' de heavenly glowie!
-- B. Lee

jon be me said...

jim, siegfried,

you guys are both awesome!
May you both live long and prosperous lives....

jim said...

Great company makes a difference, thanks to you both JBM and S.

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