Saturday, December 29, 2007

Growth of Tiger Woods

Now matter how powerful, rich or famous we become, we are still the same in the inside. We still have the same concerns and feelings (unless your a bush-ite!). Below is from Tiger Woods. Perhaps you've heard of him....

Tiger Woods recently discussed how he grew as a person this year. When asked to identify the most important thing he had learned this year about golf, he replied with the following:

"Not necessarily golf-wise, but life-wise, I think I've grown quite a bit this year," he said. "After my dad passed away last year, Earl Woods died at age 74, I played well, but was not really feeling all that great about my life in general."

"I felt like I hadn't really appreciated having Dad around. I didn't talk to him as much as I should have. I didn't call him, didn't see him, wasn't there enough. I felt that I didn't do enough for him."

"But when I had daughter this year, I wanted to take in every moment and appreciate everything. And I think that's where my life has changed. I appreciate everything now. And no doubt I played better as a result. But it's sad. One thing I regret is that it took the fact of my dad's passing for me to fully understand and realize how good my life was with him. I wish I had been able to appreciate how good it was when he was there."

Family and friends: appreciate them now.


jim said...

Amen! Happy New Year to you Jon, and to yours, love to you all!

Sophia said...

Happy New Year, Jon.

You're right. I know I don't visit my family as much as I should, and I keep thinking that I'm going to regret it someday. I don't want to have any regrets; that would be a sad thing to live with.

Siegfried said...

Step back and they will come to you. The art of attraction or seduction.

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