Sunday, September 23, 2007

We make a difference

We all make a difference.

We all make the world go around.
Each and every one of us.

For example, as we meet people and say hi to them, this changes their routine if not by just a minute or so. As we cross the road and a car slows down for us (hopefully!), we change their life by a minute or so... and so on and so on… So what, you might say. So we slowed someone down by a minute. What difference does that make? Well, haven’t you ever just missed an accident by a minute? Or a few seconds? Haven’t you ever come across an accident and thought to yourself, “wow, if I didn’t …, that could have been me!”

Also, our attitudes make a difference. How many times has an angry person upset you? How about the person who flips you off or something like that? Doesn’t that upset you? And then you take that anger home or to work and pass it off on to your co-workers or family. How many times have you been upset and taken it out on a friend only to apologize later for your actions? Of course, that may have already sent the friend/family member on their way to also taking it out on someone else. The Domino effect happens.

Sure, we could just all stay home and have no effect at all on anyone. Right? Wrong. By staying home, we are also creating another effect. We might not prevent our neighbor from being in that accident because we didn’t say hi to him in the morning. Or, our presence at work could have prevented a coworker from cussing out the boss by talking to that individual before they made that decision. Sometimes, just being there can make a difference.

(Of course, some people might say that all these “encounters” could just as easily have had a negative impact and that is true; however, I choose to see the positive side of life. The choice is yours to make because it’s all in the eye of the beholder!)

Life is full of many “what ifs” and they are all influenced by the thousands of choices we make daily. Whether our choices are intentional or not, they create an “impression” on life.

The point is: We all count. We all matter. We all make a difference.
(OK, so this was not the best example, but look behind the messg for the meaning!)

Am I rightorrong?


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