Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mundane Birthdays?

I read a post in virtual ramblings site where he laments that he has "lost the significance" of his birthdays after 26 of 'em. I can understand his view and actually know quite a few people who feel the same way. My own view on birthdays are different than most and his post got me thinking....

Way back when I turned 20, I was in the Air Force and stationed in North Carolina. My birthday came around and I was ready to celebrate it. Ready to party!! So, here I was, waiting for my friends to come by my room to take me out. To treat me 'cause it was, after all, my birthday and that's what they are supposed to do, right? Time for my friends to buy me drinks and give me gifts. "What gifts would I get this year", I thought to myself. Everybody likes gifts right?

The gift I ended up receiving was definitely not what I was expecting: however, it ended up being a gift that would last a lifetime!

Back to the story. After waiting until, oh, around 8pm, for my friends to show up, I realized they were not coming. Mmm. What happened? Not wanting to wait any longer to PARTY!, I went looking for my friends (all 3 of them!). I found them in their rooms and told them about my B'day. They said the usual wishes and all but also mentioned that they had no money to go out with me to celebrate. I was disappointed. This was my day and all and I wanted to celebrate with my friends. After getting over the disappointment, I thought, "you know, this day doesn't mean much without my friends". So, I ended up taking them out and paid for everything that night. I had a great time and my friends did too.

After that night, I decided that from now on, I was going to treat my friends on my birthday. Not only was I going to celebrate my B'day but I'm going to celebrate my friendships every year on that special day. It gave new meaning to my birthdays. Time to thank all my friends (all 3 of em!) for being my friend and for making the last year special. To this day, I still do this. Even though it's still awkward, I make it a point every year to personally "thank my friends for being my friends" and shake their hands. I really mean it. Of course, they look at me kinda weird then make some stupid joke, but I think they get it.

To me, it's the friends we have that make our world, our lives, special. Even if it's only 3 of them (Quality over quantity)!

This was the gift of a lifetime I received way back then.... :)

right or rong?


Sophia said...

Sounds right to me. Just let me know when your birthday is and I'll be right over. :)

But seriously, I think it's very generous of you to treat your friends on YOUR birthday, plus it's a rather unique idea to give on one's own special day. Hmmm... why didn't I think of that?!!

When I was a bit younger, I'd feel very curious and excited wondering what sorts of presents my father and stepmother or mother had waiting for me on my birthday. At 29, I'm now more excited about the meals they make for me. :) Maybe I should take them out to eat on my birthday next time!

I be me said...

Come on over!You know where Germany is? Bring the dog, too, my son luvs dogs!

Good idea. Treat your parents to a night out on your birthday and let them know how much you appreciate them having you.

Rambler said...

oh amazing gift you thought, first of 3 good friends, its very hard to find 3 of them.

And I agree with sophia, let us know we will drop in :)

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