Monday, September 24, 2007

Monk Uprising

Apparently, Buddhist Monks are rising up against the military junta in Burma.

According to the AP, some 100,000 protesters took to the streets Monday, led by some 20,000 monks. "In our country the monks are the highest moral authority. When the monks take the leading role, the people will follow," said Soe Aung, a spokesman for the National Council of the Union of Burma, a coalition of opposition groups based in neighboring Thailand.

Sunday, a monk gave a speech calling for (pro-democracy leader, Nobel Peace laureate and under house arrest since 1998?) Suu Kyi's release and national reconciliation. The speech further aligned them with her long-running struggle for democracy. The monks are the majority and they are leading the movement right now.

In 1988, a similar pro-democracy uprising was brutally crushed by the military. Thousands were apparently killed.

So far, the military has stood aside, allowing the Monks and protesters to peacefully march in the streets. One question on every ones mind, however, is, how long before the military moves in and how violently will they react this time?

I applaud the monks and wish them a peaceful solution.

right or rong?


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