Monday, September 10, 2007

Ships on a river...

From my kitchen window, I can see the Mosel River below me. This part of the river meanders through Trier, Germany. One of the oldest uses of the Mosel River is for ships transporting "freight" to other countries. Mostly coal or rocks, I believe. Not exactly sure. This tradition dates back thousands of years. So, as I was watching this one ship slowly make its way past me, it made me think (how strange!).

"These ships are like our lives", I thought.

You see, throughout our individual journeys, we slowly work our way through the river of life (symbolically-duh!) . Sometimes, we get to drift easily down stream (those times where everything just seems to work out right), while other times, we have to work (those tough times where everything works out rong) our way up river.

Of course, whether we are going up stream or down the river, we have to always be on the alert to avoid running aground!

right or rong?


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