Monday, September 17, 2007

I simply am

I read an article the other day that was in a German magazine. The magazine is called "Der Spiegel" and the article was about the Dali Lama's recent visit to Germany. It got me thinking....

... and he said to the Dali Lama, " I do not have any questions to ask. I do not need anything. I am simply happy being here next to you. I believe that by just being here, next to you, my soul will receive the vibrations and the answers to the questions not asked will come. The path will be revealed before my closed eyes and in my open heart. I have no needs, no desires, no wants. What happens-happens! My soul knows the path of its journey. It knows where it wants to go and what must be done. I must simply let it be. Allow it to roam. My soul will show its way, its destiny. Then I will know. Then I will follow the path before me. No, I have no questions. I simply AM!"

This does not mean to do nothing. No. It means to be open to the spiritual signs around us and to the "feelings" that emerge from within us to find the good life. Follow your heart and instincts and you will find your way. The path is sometimes hard to understand, but the way is in us. In our soul.

right or rong?

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Sophia said...

Like Jed McKenna mentions in his book, one must release the tiller.

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