Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanks Giving

thanks giving

Unfortunately, the Indians didn’t come to Europe, barely survive the first winter by the niceness of the Europeans, show their gratitude by massacre ing em all before taking over the land and “letting” them have Serbia as their new home. So, when my well meaning family and friends send me those boring “ecards from aol” about “Happy Thanksgiving”, I have to remind them that we don’t celebrate it over here in Germany.

Finally, though, one of my sisters sent me an email saying “Happy Friday! It’s celebrated world wide!” OK, she got me on that one!

Actually, to me, everyday is sort of like a thanks giving. That is, I give thanks for having another day on earth. I don’t actually tell myself that and I don’t even think about it anymore but it is in me. It is a part of me.

Thanks for giving me another day as…. Yesterday, another top athlete died at the age of 28.

This is why I don’t complain too much about what happens in life. We can be gone at any time at any age. It can happen to any of us. This is part of the reason that I don’t go out of my way to make that extra money to buy expensive material things. They don’t matter too much to me. I don’t need a new or fancy car. I don’t need the newest TV, or couch or clothes. They don’t matter. My friendships matter the most. My family, friends and even those strangers who we only meet for perhaps 5 minutes and never see again…these are important to me. They make the differences in my life. Life experiences: ...meeting people from around the world…different cultures...the rainbow…nature…laughing…that is life.

Life…live it!

Oh, and happy thanksgiving….hehehe…


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