Saturday, November 24, 2007

The jacket from my brother

My Brother's Jacket

About 2 years ago my brother died at the age of 48. When we were collecting his things, I took his jacket. It was nothing fancy. Just some plaid jacket: kind of a hunters, red plaid jacket that goes down to my thighs. Surprisingly, it fits me pretty good. I didn’t think about it much after that because living, at the time, in Safety Harbor Florida, a heavy jacket is just not needed that often.

So, here I am now in Germany. We just moved here in July and are now experiencing our first winter. It’s been relatively cold lately, for me at least. Most mornings are in the upper 20’s or low 30’s. For me, being born and raised in Florida, that’s cold!

Now, being unemployed and broke, I don’t have much money to buy a new winter jacket. Besides, I have to make sure my son is warm. We bought him some winter clothes and jackets etc… And, of course, had to buy my wife a jacket too (let’s not go there…).

Me? Doesn’t matter, really. I’ll make do with what I have lying around. Looking around through my clothes, I notice….

My brother’s jacket! Yup, that old red plaid jacket from Florida. So I put it on and … lo and behold, man is it nice and warm. I am totally surprised! It keeps me warm in the German winter! So, now, I “put my brother on” every morning before going out to face the cold. He keeps me warm….

You could say my brother is with me … everyday …

(Man, I miss my brother…HI JAY!)


Rambler said...

Jon, I am not so old as to tell you this, but am sure its just a phaze, am sure you would enjoy looking back at all the trouble you went through, which made you stronger.
As far as the jacket goes, thats the best gift, which you really are using it.

jon be me said...

Thanks rambler
but it's actually a very long story about my brother and me...very very life changing for me and not necessarily for the better...I'll have to explain it in a more conprehensive post ...

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