Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Buddha say....1

What we think,
we become.



Rambler said...

I totally believe in this statement.

jim said...

I agree with parts of Ralph Emerson, but not entirely, and like this statement of Buddha, I have differences, but they are not disagreements, they are perspectival divergences.

Perhaps the minds that said them, were 'in soul' when voiced, or maybe 'in body' when thinking them and speaking, and perhaps both or only one perspective was involved. Then the viewer/listener/hearer would have the same situation, am I body-hearing, or am I soul-hearing, or can I do both and choose my position? Regardless of my choice, judgement will come afterward and be invested and colored by my awareness of the difference in myself of the two. Maybe?

Great Posts, short, sweet and to the point, without pretense or worry, very thought inspiring and I personally thoroughly enjoyed the reading and thinking of them and, of course, you Jon, always very interested in the person behind the blog, but don't let that worry you, I don't mean to offend or harass, just to appreciate, and I appreciate you and your blog. Thanks for the experience. My best to you and yours Jon.

jim said...

PS: thanks for your visits and comments on my work, feel free and welcome any time.

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