Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rear view mirror

As I've said before...
In the car of life,
the rear view mirror does not matter
throw it out
for, what has happened has happened
we cannot do anything about it
learn from it then put it away
always move forward
never backward
life is life...
enjoy it
become it
live it...


Rambler said...

Jon....Lovely way to look at athings

jon be me said...

Hi Rambler,
long time no see. Hope all is well with you.

The no rear view mirror has come easily to me and is part of my life. For others, though, it seems that they are constantly looking "to the past" which distracts them from the wonderful view in front in front of their noses!

jim said...

In a dynamic immediate sense of the life of an individual, this is certainly true. But I understand that the past is really the unconscious and always side by side with the present consciousness, and while one should be focused in one, there are times to focus in the other, they go hand in hand so to speak.

I think confusion about this comes in thru the civilization of mankind, its' froth or layer of false realities of appearances, in that the past is worthless, but in that, so is the present. Just an opinion.

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