Sunday, June 15, 2008

Be as Children

According to the bible,”To enter the Kingdom of God (Heaven), you need to be as children are”, or something to that effect (it’s been a while since I last read the bible). What exactly does that mean? Some of my thoughts on this saying....

I believe it means that we must view the world and live life as children do: without hate, without racism, embracing life, enjoying nature, laughing often and playing. Children don’t worry about amassing material goods as they make do with what they have and use their imagination to play life.

When it rains, don’t complain about it. Embrace it as part of nature. Go outside and stand in the rain. Enjoy and feel the rinsing, refreshing rain water as it comes down on you. It has the power to cleanse you of your negative thoughts, if you allow it. Go ahead and jump in that puddle. Get wet. Get dirty. Enjoy all the forms of weather that nature offers us.

Enjoy and appreciate all people. Kids don’t refuse to play with another kid because of their color, sex or race. (That’s taught to them by grownups!) Enjoy all the various cultures of the world. Embrace and encourage diversity. We all have something to offer and to learn from each other.

Play! Kids know how to play under all circumstances. Usually, no matter what’s happening around them, they want to and will play. Playing keeps the stress level down and makes you happy.

Enjoy nature. How often do kids find something knew outside, some new bug or cloud or animal or bird and it just amazes them? Let nature and its various forms overwhelm you with amazement. Remember, we, in all our various body shapes and sizes, are a part of nature...

Laugh! Probably the number one thing about kids is their ability to laugh at everything and to even laugh at what is considered the wrong time! There is something to be said about this because laughter may be the key to a happy life. Laughter! It’s been proven that laughter is good for your health. It makes you healthy and it makes you feel good. So get out there and laugh at everything (just about) but especially, laugh at yourself. Don’t be so serious.

So, be as children. Embrace the philosophy and enjoy diversity, explore all the various forms, shapes and colors that nature has to offer and keep an open, positive mind. Enjoy your life here on earth, appreciate the environment around you and “play” as much as possible. Doing this, you shall become healthier, happier and you just might also be given that golden key to the kingdom above! (or is it actually inside all of us ...)


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