Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life can be hard

Life can be hard
to live life is easy....

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jim said...

Hello Jon, good to see that you are still posting, I will read these newer ones shortly, but first want to remark about Marx.

I found your email in a small cache of saved letters on gmail, a wonder considering my paranoia causes these files to be emptied regularly.

I read the Manifesto back in the mid 1960s. The struggle that it is about is coming back into the mainstream today, that would be one small reason for a resurgence in the interest in Marx, even as this is for many an unconscious driven thing.

If one thinks about the realities of the industrial revolution and the subsequent manifestations of it in England and America, one, especially in America, can picture the terrible servitude imposed by the lords over the workforce, not only servitude but the imposition of the fate of ultimate worthlessness of their lives which was the essense of what has come to be known as the disposable culture or civilization, use up the contents and throw away the thing even if it is a real living person and family.

That an interveneing period of relaxation of that essence of enslavement and devaluation came to be thru labor movements and high prices paid by individual sacrifices of life itself, that this period did occur was the reason for the loss of Marx and his original ideas from normal presenttime consciousness for most, I would think that this loss was calculated by the lords who were forced to pretend caring. Nowdays, the caring pretensions are institutionalized and rote and obviously without substance, and in this nod to love, the lords march on, on over those workers as before, albeit in new and inventive ways designed to disguise the reality being installed AGAIN.

At any rate, world realities are bringing this old reality into consciousness and Marx was the main expresser of that situation. Even, as I think, his work is biblical and his predictions are too in agreement with prophetic predicitons of that bible.

I have thought also that Hitler, an enemy of Marx who intended to drive human reality in another adversarial way, was the precurser to todays attempts to utilize and discard human life, use it, us, for the benefit of a better life for a few at the expense of the many. People cringe at my remarks regarding Hitler as the father of modern society in many ways, as if, even tho he lost the military war, he won the social war, albeit the lords changed identities.

Okay, so much for that, time will tell.

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