Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wandering in and out and about

Wandering in and out and about...

The light that once burned so brightly within is now burning without.
Round and round we go, where it stops and begins again,
I don’t know!

What was, is but a fading memory as the lights about me that once showed the way fade to a dim, patiently waiting to burn brightly again. The journey has become lost, helpful signs are gone. A familiar journey it is with the same ole signs. Signs that never end, signs that have lost meaning.

Whispers from that slimy snake with the devilish smile slithering about, the road has become dark as pleasures of the flesh arise again. Pleasures of the flesh...again. Sinking so low but feeling so high. I can’t explain it but surely you understand it.

Only a flicker within guides me now. The test has begun anew for lessons learned afar, that remain within. Will I find the way again? Will I become the way again....

Lessons learned within long ago are now are but faded memories: frazzled, dazzled and dazed again. Faded indeed but still within for that is the way it is and always will be for me. When will this new familiar journey end? When will the old journey re-begin? Old lessons learned, tested anew, as class never ends. A classroom that was once embraced is now avoided. Not necessary avoided but not attended: Absent Absent Absent!

This journey has many detours. Familiar detours, that is, as I’ve traveled them before. They are as an old lost friend. A friend to enjoy but a friend to avoid. Distractions along the way. Sense to no one but me, but a friend to all, for within, we all have this friend indeed. Pleasures of the senses he is called and quite an enticing fellow indeed. Very soothing but so hallowing indeed.

The need to be free suppressed by the need to very negative for me! LET ME BE FREE ... to live life......for the path to be free, to be enlightened, is filled with joy and misery! Oh, to be home again by the sea....

Slipping and sliding happens to us all but sooner or later, we will once again stand tall for that flicker of light that always burn within, is patiently waiting to burn brightly again.....


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