Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Smile pt1

.... and he, who did not see the smile, continued walking with his head down.... a heavy gloomy look on his sullen face.... walking without purpose.... right into a tree.... bumped his head.... and fell to the grey dusty, hard ground..... life passing him by....

..... and then the other, he who noticed her smile; such a sweet, friendly loving smile, suddenly felt alive. He had never noticed such a smile in all of his years. It lit up his world. He could now see clearly, think clearly and it brought a joyful smile to his insightful face. The white wings on his back slowly unfolded, spread wide and he soared miraculously upward above this vibrant earth as he could now fly.... at first, surprised by what was within him, he was in shocked by this.... then joy and bliss overwhelmed him for he could now see wide and far, yet understood it all.... all because of a smile....


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