Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tony Dungy said...

"It’s about the journey—mine and yours—and
the lives we can touch,
the legacy we can leave, and
the world we can change for the better."
~Tony Dungy


Siegfried said...

Yes, indeed. I'm beginning to see my purpose in life.

jon be me said...

What is it, Sieg?
I'm still searching!

jim said...

Siegfried, my online time is severely limited these days, but I am anxious to catch up with you, been missing your exploits.

I agree with your post Jon, with Tony that is. I think this quote says one side of it for sure.

jon be me said...

The journey part, yes.

The "legacy" does not really enter my mind as that is based on others opinions that we can influence by our actions that can always be misunderstood.

In the end, though, its about the journey (our growth) and not the legacy.

jim said...

Jon, I was limiting legacy to the idea of what one gives of himself to others while here, not anything to do with one being remembered outside of that, or even connected to that in any dominantly personal way.

jim said...

hello Jon, I lost my entire email program, besides some others in a crash. I remember a question from you relative to Hitler? Maybe I am wrong? Anyway, I understand the time restraints, no problem from me, when you have time, always good to hear and read you, be it here or there.

Take care Jon, my best to you and yours.

jim said...

Jon, that is interesting, sorry for mistakenly saying 'hitler'. It is Marx and I did find a back up of that specifically, oddly enough for I don't normally have backups at all, not that I can ever find.

I am pressed at the moment but will read the material you sent back then and get back to you on it. I have, long ago, studied Marx and approved of much of his thought, I do agree that socialism is the way of Spirit. I found, in my study, that the politization developed from him by lenin and such ruined the basis. I will get back with you on it Jon, thanks for the inspiration!

My best to you and yours, take care of yourselves.

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