Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Knowing what you learn

People ask; “But how can I learn to do that?“

And I tell them, it’s quite simple because you already know it!
OR, to put it another way,

”What you already know is what you must (re) learn!”


jim said...

It does seem, Jon, that most of the time in living, we are trying to remember what we already know. This is mystical and is the position of many spiritual understandings.

Considering that seed knows from it's beginning, that makes full sense. Why can't an oak tree become an elm? Because it already WAS an oak, the problems it has is adapting what it ALREADY KNOWS to a new place and time, and MAYBE EVEN a new medium of happening.

My views, copyrighted, lol.

jon be me said...

yea, its an old saying and one I am still trying to learn and understand. I believe its about the soul and there being no "time" frame for the spirit.

Great to hear from you, as usual, Jim (copyrighted!)

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