Sunday, April 27, 2008

How you look at it

Sometimes we think thoughts that are ”bad“ but are they really bad? Is it not human society that pre determines the “bad” thoughts? That is, are the thoughts really “bad” or is it based on society, according to where you live, that decides if the thoughts are bad or not. Society, on a whole, is human based. So, these “bad thoughts” are determined through the human kaleidoscope which leaves them open to interpretation, according to where you live and the preconditioned human aspect.

Are thoughts deemed “bad” by society really bad? I believe it depends on the perspective. I prefer to use the “big picture” view, myself, which is a bit different from societies “moralistic” view. In the big picture view, the little things anointed wrong by society do not apply. In the big pic of our spiritual life, all thoughts are considered learning experiences, which, the last time I checked, is a good thing. We all learn from our choices and “mistakes” but what are mistakes? Mistakes are but the best choices made at a certain time based on the inherent learning experiences that are within us. Sure, looking back, some choices we made were better than others, but they are all, if made with a pure, honest heart, just learning experiences that help us grow.

As humans, we are not perfect. Don’t expect to be and don’t expect others to be, either. Nobody is perfect and we all make “bad” decisions although, again, I don’t consider them to be “bad” decisions. Choices made, based on where we are at, growth wise, are not necessarily bad choices. They are decisions made, based on our knowledge, intent and spiritual standing at the time.

If we look at life based on the human aspect, we will see and feel many negative aspects as that is how life is when we look at it that way. However, if we use the big picture perspective, we will see the positive and the growth that we hopefully making. In the whole view, all little decisions help us grow. Growth in the spiritual sense, that is. In the big picture, we all, hopefully, learn and slowly grow based on our own unique needs. That is the purpose. To grow. That is why we are here: to become complete again. And all choices and all thoughts will ultimately lead us to that goal.

So, as our soul travels through its journey here on earth, remember,
It all depends on how you look at it......

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jim said...

Hello Jon, hope you and family are well and getting on fine.

I wouldn't mind being in Germany right now.

This is a lot of good thoughts Jon, this thoughts being good or bad stuff.

I agree that each thinks from where ever he/she is at a given time, in growth that is, and also according to those around us, they influence our thinking, I think. This is one important thing about blogging I believe, the ability to have company thinking this way or that, sort of opens windows of choice more than without it.

As to understanding ourselves and others in 'thinking' and in decisions, I exercise, as much as I can, forgiveness for all as they make these socalled mistakes. Even in the worst cases, even with my absolute right temperment, I know people have their various problems which cause them to see or not see options. It does get very hard to forgive though in some cases, but the rule still has to apply, for me anyway.

As to my own history of thoughts, I have had my share of bad ones, devilish and even very mean ones, I have had to learn to screen them and even stop them, I am sure we all do that in some degree or another. Today especially with all the input from so many sources who 'sell' anything.

Great post Jon, good to read you again, I have been almost reclusive except for posting by email, online time is still a problem for me, and tonight I am having computer malfunctions to go along with the restricted online service.

See you later, Jon, take care and keep on posting.

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