Sunday, April 27, 2008

Above the city

In the past, I would sometimes close my eyes and see myself rising above the city. I could see above the maddening crowd much as an eagle in flight. From this view, I would see all the people rushing about going from here to there and over there. In a hurry to wait and waiting to hurry up!

From this view above the city, I could see the streets with its cars slowly moving through the maze. It reminded me of ants. We get in our cars to go from here to there and back here again. From this eagles view, it appears as ants, moving about frantically to finish something important. So many cars. So much traffic. So silly!

Is this the only way we can move about, I thought to my self. Why can’t we just use our minds to get there and back? I can imagine that by imagining ourselves in another location, we would just be there. Simply by thinking about it. Visualization. Think it and you will be there. So humanistic it seems to me that we have to use something such as cars to move about while our minds are quite capable of doing it for us....if only I knew how....

I’m sure my soul does...


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