Sunday, January 27, 2008

Without dreams.

One of the most common questions asked when discussing a person’s life or his future is, “What are your dreams?” Most people answer with “to be rich”, “to be a doctor”, “to live on a beach in Tahiti” or “to save the whales”, for example. We have been told to “dream big” by society.

“What are your goals, your aspirations; YOUR DREAMS….” You must have one, right?

What if a person does not have such grandiose plans or dreams? Is he lost? Is he a loser? Will he never be happy without such pretentious plans or dreams? Does one really need to have such dreams in order to live or to be considered a success? What is a person without dreams? Why must we have them? Is it to make us feel good or is it to impress others? Is it for motivational purposes? Are dreams necessary for our psyche? Why? What if a person is living for survival, daily survival, that is? Does he really have time for a dream?

I know a person who has no such dreams; no illusions to pick him up or to drag him down. No such plans that could potentially become a future “failure” if not realized. When he starts to even think about a dream, it is automatically squashed with the “forget it, it will never happen” thought. He is not a sad person. In fact, he is always happy and always sees life in a positive light. He just doesn’t have any dreams: never had a chance to dream due to his early life conditions. Perhaps as a young man he had dreams but upon joining adulthood, he realized that his chances for his dreams coming true were nil. It was too much of a battle to just “survive” life and its challenges. THAT became his dream: to survive. Does he wish he had goals or dreams to reach for? Or even A dream, just one? Yes but he will not let a lack of dreams bring him down. He accepts life as it was given to him. He is playing his cards to the best of his capabilities. He accepts himself as he is.

Am I worse off than others who dream of the moon but settle for the stars? I live day to day: not eyeing the future, not contemplating the past but living for today - everyday.

I am living in the NOW...without dreams.


Rambler said...

I totally understand what you mean by being dreamless. I have been on the same boat.

check these..

jon be me said...

thanks rambler,
good to know we are not the only ones! Is it a burden or a relief?

Will check out your posts.

Siegfried said...

You don't have to be proud of it. ;>)
It's a matter of motivation. And before you know it it could be too late. Your're too old to achieve anything.
It could mean settling for failure. Failure to satisfy your loved ones. And yourself.
I know what you mean tho. I've been there.

jon be me said...

too old to achieve ANYTHING? Ah, but we achieve everyday. It's not about achieving, its about dreaming of something big. We can still achieve big without dreaming...blah blah blah
thanks sieg

Zareba said...

My first visit, Jon. Definitely not my last! A very Buddhist viewpoint and I can certainly understand. Ram Dass "Be here now" comes readily to mind. We do not control the past nor the future, but if we live fully in the now, we have eternity.

May your days be filled with sunshine and laughter.


jim said...

Never compare yourself, live your life and let others live theirs, help if it works out where you can help one another.

Dreams open the soul, but dreams are of life, and some have these and some have those, none are insignificant, all are vital and full time. It is society, media, consumer manipulation, that makes a mockery of dreams.

Dream on Jon, live yours, I would love to be in Germany, but I have mine too.

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