Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blinded by the light...

Staring into the light
for answers can cause one to go blind
blind to the everyday realities of the physical world
while becoming trapped on the highway to the inner realities of the soul search

Once trapped, the outer world becomes but a blur, a myth
a myth considered reality by the masses but a dream to the few
the few who see differently think differently
and feel other

Others will not understand and will cast a concerned eye
concerning the lack of urgency to their real world for
their real world is no longer our priority as
the priority has become the search for the other
and the other is not understood by the masses,
thus one may feel lost and perhaps confused
confused by the newfound knowledge within which fuels further quests and conflicts
conflicting with the old everyday decision making
new decisions evolving that will not make sense to the many
but to the few
the few who have become fixated by the light of this knowledge
a knowledge that begets more answers that require yet unknown questions
that can only become by looking beyond
beyond the signs, missed and seen, heard and felt that are within us but
also manifest outside us

The journey outside, is of infinity inside
begins with the first step
over and over and over
for answers do not the questions but beget new answers
we believe in yet cannot fully understand
into the light we may fear
fears unfounded for in the light is found
our map a map to what? Peace?
what, we don’t know, yet we do
forgotten what we do know
puts us on the path a new old life path
pointing to the past parlaying into the future

With this quest now a part of us
active days are replaced by sleepless nights
seeing with the heart and feeling with the eyes
ways not accepted on everyday earth but
ways slowly bringing joy, hope and peace to us

Thus, we have joy for what we have found
what has become a part of us and will always be
of what we cannot ignore cannot turn away from
of believing in what cannot be fully understood
but we also have frustration
for we may feel alone in this journey and misunderstood
by others who are near and dear
but not on the same path although
they are passengers, albeit lost, with us in our journey
a journey to which
to find the answers we are willing to be
blinded by the light…

The blind man sees what
The seeing man is blind to



jim said...

Jon, this is very very good, this post.

Are you familiar with the problem among the Jewish Mystics, students of Kabbalah and their esoterics, they are unable to function in real life, they lose the connection, not all, but way too many.

Even with the lesser esoterics, such is the case, just with the overly devout to Moshe and 'scriptures', the same is the case.

This doesn't really happen in Christianity because they do not allow it, don't teach it, don't even have the mystics like the Jews do. The Christians sort of go the other way, too much real life, not enough spiritual stuff, not enough understanding or the urge to it.

I myself know that the mysticism is verified by the reality of life as seen in everyday life, its activities and events, if you can't make the connection, there is something wrong with the teaching or learning, for the reflection should be there, because there is no difference in the truth of the two, they are united and each manifest the other.

Very interesting, everyone has to move at their own pace in this light business.

Good writing Jon.

jon be me said...

Can't say I'm familiar with it Jim. With this post: sometimes I just let the words flow from inside unto words, then try to put them in some type of order. If I get the chance, I'll have to check on some of what you wrote about.

Email me some, if u can.

thanks for the comment, as usual, very insightfull!

Siegfried said...

There is no inner or outer.
What is within is without. Without within.
Accept imperfections. Accept what is. Accept yourself.

jon be me said...

So true is that Sieg.
Good observation.
Accepting oneself may be the hardest thing for many people and the root cause of so much "pain".

Sophia said...

Very nice poem, Jon, for it speaks the language of my heart! What you've expressed in these verses seems to me like the diary of my soul. Like a moth to a flame, I'm obsessively drawn to the light, blinding though that light may be. I burn and the others of the mundane world don't understand what it is I burn for. I can't even begin to explain to them the depth of the hunger of my soul.

And the answers to the questions that we ask truly do only lead to more and more questions.

jon be me said...

sophia, glad you could relate for you were the inspiration behind this post.
:) :)

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