Friday, August 31, 2007

Dedicated to....

This site is dedicated to my sister, Jere, who, besides being on her own "Path of Power" in trying to find herself, has always stood by me and encouraged me to "write your thoughts down". I hope that I live up to her faith in me.

This is also for my son. Perhaps when he grows up, this site will allow him, if it's still available, to better understand his father. Also, this might allow him to get a more detailed understanding on who I am and maybe this will help him during his journey through life.

Finally, to my wife, Heidi. She has always told me to "do something!!". Well, this is it, honey. LOVE YOU! Since meeting you, my life has not been the same... and I mean that in a good way (or do I?!!)!

Also, to all my friends, who I know, JUST CANT WAIT, to read my thoughts!! Thanks, Stu, Joani, Richard and Barb, Christie, Jan, Ruth, Amelia, Judy D., Joal, my parents and all the others who I forgot to mention (*Jay)...YOU are my inspiration.... this is for all of you, except Stu of course!!

I love you all and am really happy and lucky that you all are a part of my life.

You help make me who I am.



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