Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crowded Thoughts

Some days, I don’t have any thoughts because
it’s already too crowded in there ….

How about you? Have you ever tried to enter your brain room and be told at the door that due to overcrowding, from those pesky, annoying little thoughts, you are not allowed entrance at this time? Do you ever get that crowded feeling within your own mind?


Marja said...

yes too often That's why I love walking that quiets my brain
Thanks for visiting me.
Saw you lived in Trier Beautiful city We went there several times when I was young as we always went on holiday in the Ardennes in Belgium

jon be me said...

Hi Marja,
Yes, walking can have that calming effect on all of us, if we allow it.
Great to hear from you. I havent been to Belgium in 15yrs!! as I have only been back in Germany now for 2yrs after being in the states for a while but visiting Blgm is on my list of places to visit again. Where is the Ardennes?

Have a nice day!

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