Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The ThunderStorm

You are such a wonderful person....

Life with you is like a day at the beach … perfect weather, family and friends are there; playing in the water, grilling and joking around… at the beach with a light breeze on a warm sunny summer day.

Life doesn’t get any better….

THEN, suddenly, out of nowhere, a thunderstorm rolls in and within a minute, all hell breaks out and everything changes…. the rain pours down, thunder and lightning all around, family and friends running for cover… the party is over. Mood ruined.

That DARK CLOUD is always on the horizon… always in the corner of my eye, ready to rear its ugly head…the change in mood, ready to roll in at a moments notice, without warning … to ruin everything…

So is life, WITH YOU…..My Luv…...the thunderstorm


Rambler said...

what about the calmness after the storm, isn't it something worth looking forward to ? :)

jon be me said...

HA HA....
Not always, Rambler
or else I would be looking forward
to the storm!!

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