Sunday, April 12, 2009

Poem for Heidi

Poem for Heidi…

When I crawl
I crawl
When I walk
I walk
When I run
I run
When I dance
I dance with you

When I jog
I jog
When I skate
I skate
When I drive my car
I drive my car
When I ride my bike
I ride my bike to you

When I lay down
I lay down
When I close my eyes
I close my eyes
When I fall asleep
I fall asleep
When I dream
I dream about you

When I read
I read
When I think
I think
When I write
I write
When I write a poem
I write this poem for you

When I watch the sun rise
I watch the sun rise
When I feel the sun set
I feel the sun set
When I gaze at the stars
I gaze at the stars
When I soar to the heavens
I sour to the heavens with you

When I’m sad
I’m sad
When I’m happy
I’m happy
When I smile
I smile
But ....
When I love
I love only you!


Rambler said...

hey this was good...liked the innocence behind the romance.

Sophia said...


This made me smile. Very sweet!

jon be me said...

Thanks Sophia and Ramber.
Heidi is my wife...of 15yrs!

Anonymous said...

So sweet!

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