Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back to Work

Well, it had to end sooner or later. “All good things must come to an end”, they say. Oh really? Do they have to end? For me, its work. Or, back to work, to be more precise. After being laid off last year, planning and moving to a new country, I’m back to work after a year off. Bummer! It’s been a great year though! The time off allowed me the opportunity to reflect on my thoughts and concentrate on “self” improvement. I can still work on these but will now have less time to do it.

It’s not that I don’t mind working. Heck, I’ve been working since the age of 13 and I’m now in my 40’s so I know a thing or two about working! No, working is not the issue: I just prefer not to! I have more important things to do with my life than getting up everyday, going to some business and making money for some one else or for some billion dollar firm. No, that’s not my idea of life. We are not here to “work”, so others can profit. Now, if I “work”ed for a non-profit where helping people was the name of the game, I would be more excited about going back to work. I tried that route last year after being laid off. I applied for many different positions with a variety of non-profits with the idea of trying to find a “job” where I would be part of “making a difference in people’s lives.” A “job with meaning”, as they say...which would not be a “job” to me by any stretch of the imagination because its something I enjoy doing: helping others, helping them see the good in life so they, too, can enjoy it. Unfortunately, I either never received a reply or got a not qualified response from all my applications.

I always felt that the not qualified response was a bit odd. I mean, I applied for positions where I could help make a difference in peoples’ lives and what better qualifications than to be a person with a life!! (Ok, some call me a Dog and some say I have no life but that’s another story!!) Seriously, my job search the last few years has been to find work, in any capacity, with helping out those who are less fortunate or are struggling with life. I guess having a heart and a burning desire to help doesn't mean anything anymore. My preference would be to work with helping kids, abused women or single moms. I believe these people need the most help, are in vulnerable situations and are perhaps the most victimized in humanities quest for power. Not that others who also need help are any less deserving of it but, for me, it’s always been, I guess, about helping the underdogs or those who get the least respect. Children will always have a place in my heart. I find it a shame and feel really sorry for those kids who, for whatever reason, are not able to fully enjoy their childhood days by simply being children because of their unfortunate situation. Abused women probably factor in to the equation due to the fact that I’m a man and a man who does not believe in violence. So this touches two nerves. Single moms: I see them all over and have a heavy heart for them as well. We know how hard life can be whether you are single or if you have a partner to help out but it has to be almost impossible nowadays if you are alone...raising a kid! Raising children should be the most important task we as humans have but it apparently has been delegated to the “later” file. Personally, I don’t think (I know) that our government, politicians or those big bad major companies help out these people enough. These struggling people are marginized and pushed to the back of the line behind the wants and wishes of the rich, the powerful and the greedy who if they had their way, “those people” would just “go away”. That is not taking care of the people as I believe should be the first priority of any government toward its citizens.

Yes, I live in a dream world when it comes to what our government or the people of the world should do but don’t we all, in one way or another? Dreams are what make us and shape us. Dreams become the fiber of our morals. Dreams are what we work on in life. And my dream just got pushed back a bit, again, as I re-enter the “working world”!

In my new working world, I will once again be working on defective cells phones in a warehouse. Exciting, huh! I feel vibes of jealousy from you all..... Yep, a nice boring, monotonous, non-challenging position; just what a (young!) creative, sincere, thinking mind needs to dull the senses.

If it sounds like I’m starting to complain about going back to work, well it’s probably true. After all, it was great to have the time off. For one thing, it allowed me the opportunity to start this blog and attempt to express, in words, my views and what I think about our life on earth. It also afforded me the opportunity to meet, through your blogs, some really interesting and, I think, nice people like Jim, Sieg, Sophia and Rambler, among others.

More importantly, though, the time off enabled me to spend much much valuable time with my growing 12 yr old son. YOU CAN’T PUT A $$ ON THAT!! I would never trade this time spent with my son. I love him very very much and think the world of him. He is just plain awesome! Luckily, I had this opportunity to play with him, watch TV with him, talk to him; mostly just BS but also some life learning conversations that hopefully will shape his views a bit. Most importantly, though, for him and me, was the opportunity to just plain spend the time together: day in and day out, for the last year. I was/am there for him at this important stage of his life. It was great and I will always cherish the time we had together. I think he will too when he is older. I wish other parents had the opportunity to also spend more quality time with their kids because this is part of the problem in many households in today’s over worked, fast paced, “I don’t have time” American society: Not enough quality time for or with their children. Both parent and child benefit immensely from this time together.

Unfortunately, my decision to get back to work was based on the almighty dollar or Euro, as it is over here. My family and my, soon to be a teenager, son have material needs that can only be met by my “earning a living”. I have no problem with that and understand this need of theirs. Of course, if I had a choice, I would rather not work (who would?), spend my days thinking/writing, being with my son and still be able to monetarily provide for them, so if anyone out there wants to “help” me in this situation...my ego is nie so big!

Over the last year, I’ve provided for my son mentally but now it’s time to provide for him materially. All kids need to experience and learn about materialism as a child or it may become the focus of their adulthood. Remember, it’s not necessarily materialism itself that corrupts but how it’s used and where the priority of obtaining it is placed. I am attempting to teach my son the difference and if we don’t let children experience the world of materialism and teach them properly, wisely about its place in life while they are young, it could easily become their one and only motivating factor later in life and I do not want that for my son. Now, he can have a well balanced understanding of life.

Stepping back from the rat race or as John Lennon put it; “I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round” is vastly underrated. May you all, some day, enjoy it.

("Watching the Wheels" concerns Lennon's dismissal of those who were confounded by his "househusband" years, 1975-1980. During this period, he stayed away from the music industry and raised his son Sean with Yoko. The song's second verse seems to contain an allusion to Plato's "Allegory of the cave". In it, Plato believed that one can only learn through dialectic reasoning and open-mindedness. Humans had to travel from the visible realm of image-making and objects of sense, to the intelligible, or invisible, realm of reasoning and understanding. "The Allegory of the Cave" symbolizes this trek and how it would look to those still in a lower realm. Plato is saying that humans are all prisoners and that the tangible world is our cave. The things which we perceive as real are actually just shadows on a wall. Just as the escaped prisoner ascends into the light of the sun, we amass knowledge and ascend into the light of true reality: where ideas in our minds can help us understand the form of 'The Good'.)

Peace Luv and Health to all....
Enjoy watching the wheels...I do....



jim said...

That was very entertaining Jon, very interesting and personal, nice to know you better, sure your son has enjoyed you over the past year or so, lucky kid!

Good for him too, you too, I know about this stuff, very good for all the more time you can be with them in all kind of situations and events. It is full time and even overtime if you do it well, I always loved it.

I had forgotten about John doing some of it, good for him!

Plato got his ideas from the Hebrew Text, I can't prove that but it should be discoverable, some say it is the other way around but if you could see the Text and how it is in Hebrew, you would know it is beyond Plato.

Maybe you should still keep applying with non-profits, it may be like women, a married man is more desirable than a single man, once married you have them coming after you, maybe this will be true with the job thing. Give it a shot.

I started, with a friend, a community theatre organization, sought funds from local govt, businesses etc, ended up being President and we concentrated on giving children opportunities to experience this artform in all its' aspects, we also did adult plays. The thing was organized around providing children activities, and their parent, or parents, even grandparents, etc.

Good talking to you, suffer the job, nothing is forever where these are concerned, good luck to you and your family, my best too, hope we keep hearing from you when you have a little time, be in touch!

jon be me said...

if Plato got his ideas from the old Hebrew Texts, then are you also saying that Socrates and all the other old Greeks based their thoughts on the Texts too?

Sounds like you have a good thing and are making a difference there in Texas (we know they NEED the help!!) Great to hear it. If only more people....

jim said...

Jon, I have been corrected, rather, interrupted, in these kind of claims before, but yes, that is what I mean. My position about this is based on my personal experience in the TEXT itself, not anything others say, and I add to that my personal knowledge, long past gained, of the human history of philosophy etc. So remember I said that this position is not an academically accepted thing, tho I think it is clearly obvious when you do the history along with the philosophy. Even epistemologists deny a reality that really is obvious in the personal realization of the Hebrew, not as conversational, but as is used in the Text itself.

It is clear to me that the hardening of linguistics as we know languages today, was a developement from the Original Text which is the base for the present time Hebrew Text, the hardening was itself a developement of our consciousness as a 'heard and seen reality'.

So much for that, remember it is very singularly me, personal opinion, no world validation for it.

My best to you and your family, hope you are surviving the job okay.

Siegfried said...

Back to the basics. When in doubt, step back.
Well, the Greeks had their oracles and prophesies too.
Achilles was supposed to be the last of the heroes and the greatest. But it turned out that Alexander of Macedonia, his descendant, supposedly, was even a greater hero. Well, he did a lot of hard working, fighting and drinking before he died.
Married men are luckier than singles because they pretend not to chase women. Or they don't chase them away.
So what's the advantage of working for money?
You get to keep your wife and to keep her happy. And the women want men who have a paid job and money to spend with as well.
Sorry, I can't think clearly these days.

jon be me said...

I think your missing the point. Also, I think your views about women and money are out dated. My wife could care less about the "money" but we need the basics taken care of. I always stayed away from women with those old views of "the man is the provider"! Most "modern" women I know of, and better catches by the way :), are not into that at all. This is the year 2000 something....

Good hearing from ya Sieg...as usual!

jon be me said...

Jim, appreciate your honesty...honestly!! I believe ya about some of the ideas coming from the Hebrew Text but it's not that simple. I'm going to have to post a post about where ideas come from...original, copies or.......

Take care Jim,
say hi to the "team" at home.

jon be me said...

if you come across a woman with those old views, let me give you a tip...RUN !!!!!!!!

Tony said...

"I guess having a heart and a burning desire to help doesn't mean anything anymore."

Nope. From what I am discovering the desire to help isn't enough. The last few I looked into told me I needed a Masters Degree in Psychology and at least two years of experience.

jon be me said...

thats part of the problem. To just help, you have to have a piece of paper stating how "smart" you are while real life experience and the heart are tossed aside....just to help out....

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